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Creative collaborator, Tactical strategist, Lifelong learner, Experienced executive, Process-oriented problem solver, Church lender.

     The church had been with their current lender for several years. Their lender had actually been a key reason they were even able to get into their current facility. Back during the construction project, surprises and changes pushed the cost up above what the church had originally planned on. Their lender made some key suggestions and helped by advancing some additional dollars that allowed the project to continue and ultimately, to finish.
     Now the church was trying to take advantage of the lower market rates and had asked their lender about refinancing. Unfortunately, they were unable to accommodate the church because the value of the property did not satisfy their lender's requirements. By their estimation, they were paying about 2.00% more than the current market rates. That added up to about $100,000/yr in extra interest cost. They wanted to refinance, reduce their rate, and redirect those funds to other, ministry focused expenses, but they did not see a way to accomplish that.

We can help you with your high LTV... 

Saving even 1.00% on your mortgage loan can make a huge difference in the lifetime cost of your loan. A growing, healthy church with an engaged congregation has refinancing choices even if their LTV is too high to fit their lender's standard risk requirements. ​Contact us.

Stuck in a rut

These days, choosing a lender and navigating the loan application process is more complicated and time consuming than ever.  I am passionate about making that process easier and simpler. Done well, acquiring a new loan does not have to be a painful, drawn out process. As Church Loan Consultants, we operate in that middle ground between churches and lenders. We can help you apply, but not until we analyze and evaluate your financial health. We'll help you make improvements so that you can get approved for the loan amount you need at the rate that you want. 

To help increase the Kingdom impact of Christian churches and ministries through the spread of practical debt management principles. 
Ministry organizations are reducing  the cost of their capital projects by as much as 50%.

Dependability, Creativity, Transparency, 

Possibility thinking, Innovative thinking

David Van Winkle - Bio

Launched Ministry Financing Group (MFG) in January of 2013 to serve ministries looking for the "best" (not necessarily lowest interest rate) financing. The tag line "Healthy ministries... Healthy borrowers" reveals David's heart in creating MFG. "The key focus for MFG is to help ministries get healthy.  Once they are healthy, then its much easier to place them with a solid lender." 

Prior to starting MFG, David spent nearly 15 years with ECCU, a nationally known church lender. He served in a Senior Leadership role for 10 of those years overseeing the ministry development team. During his time there, David and his team originated nearly 2,000 church loans totaling more than $2.5 billion. During his last 3 years at ECCU, he served as a member of the Executive team reporting directly to the CEO and helped to guide ECCU through the recession.

Prior to ECCU, David had various banking and sales positions that uniquely equipped him for the work that he is doing today.

He has been married to Maureen for more than 30 years and has two adult daughters. He attends Rock Harbor church in Costa Mesa. He enjoys "scanning" a variety of books and papers on organizational development, strategy, and anything related to getting the most out of the resources we are given. He is almost always a die-hard Lakers fan... he even watched a few games this past season. He enjoys kayaking in the Newport Harbor and spending as much time as he can on the beach in Huntington Beach.